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Stuck on something? Here are some commonly asked questions
from our clients

How soon can I get my goods?

As soon as we received a fully completed application, you will receive some texts and a call from us to complete some legal stuff we have to do. Assuming all that is okay, then you will be approved within a day. We work week days, so if you apply over the weekend public holidays, please allow for this.

Will I own the goods after the rental contract finishes?

Legally a rental agreement means you have no legal right to own or purchase the goods BUT traditionally, we have accepted offers of $1.00 to purchase the goods at the end of the contract. If you would like to purchase the goods from us even before your contract finishes, you are welcome to call anytime and we can give you and acceptable purchase price. You will receive a notification at least 90 days before your contract finishes at which time you can make a decision.

Can I pay using my Centrepay Benefits or can I pay by Direct Deposit?

Yes, you can choose to make rental payments by either selecting your Centrepay Benefit Type OR via Direct Debit. In either choice, we have to be comfortable you can afford these payments and will work with you to help ensure you can afford the payments.

I have bad credit

In many cases we can still help. If a person has failed to pay other rental companies like ours and have a history of not paying for goods they have received then yes, we are very careful as we cannot afford to not get paid BUT we work with you to try and get this across the line.

How do I apply?

All applications are done online through our easy to use application process. If the item you want is on our website, simply follow the prompts BUT if there is something you need that is not listed on our website, there is an “Apply Here” link where you can add the item(s) you need to still apply.

How long does this take?

We work with each person on an individual basis. You will be asked a few questions and need to send us some data. The sooner you do this the faster we can say Yes. Generally, you have an answer within one working day. We do not work weekends or public holidays so please allow for these.

I live in NSW, QLD, NT, VIC, SA, TAS or WA - can you help me wherever I live?

Yes, we support people almost anywhere in Australia. Occasionally people may live very remote and delivery costs may be really high and make this non-viable or there may be other reasons but most times we can help.

What things can I rent?

We rent essential household goods from Beds, Dining, Lounge, TV’s, Phones, Computing and more. This covers most anything that is used in the household.

What happens if I run into financial trouble during the rental term?

We are a family owned company and understand things happen and your circumstances may change. The best thing to do is call us – we are nice people and have a range of options to help.


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