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Thinking of renting products with Easy Payment Options?
What you need to know before you APPLY

The EPO application process has been designed to be as easy as possible for you but this is a legal document and has a number of Government controls on the information we require to make an informed decision for responsible lending.

Therefore, we do ask for a reasonable amount of information to do this and the faster you can complete everything we need, the faster we can approve your application.

STEP 1: Find a product on our store

STEP 2: Contact your references...

… and get your references ready. Hopefully, you have the required amount of references that we will need to process your application. Also, it will be handy if you could get your bank statements ready as we will need to see if you can repay the amount you are applying for.

STEP 3: We will do our essential checks

What we do next is get your bank statements to check to see if the weekly rental amount is within your budget. This will involve us contacting you and running your weekly expenses through our calculator. This just checks your income vs. your expenses.

This doesn’t take long at all and is a great tool to see your cash flow.

STEP 4: If approved - we deliver to your door

If you aren’t in financial trouble, can pay the requested weekly amount, we will be in contact with you straight away with a confirmation. We will also check the delivery address with you to see when an appropriate time for the delivery. It doesn’t take long – meaning you will have your new item with you in no time.

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